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Mother's Day


Thailand Celebrates Queen Sirikit's 80th Birthday, Mother's Day
Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand will be celebrating her 80th birthday this Sunday, August 12. The day also serves as Mother's Day in Thailand and is a national holiday.
Since this year August 12 falls on a Sunday, however, the public holiday will be observed on Monday, August 13, with government offices, banks, embassies, local immigration bureaus etc. closed for a day. Entertainment venues and money exchange booths will be open as usual.
Queen Sirikit is the world's longest-serving consort to a monarch, just as King Bhumibol, with a reign of 66 years so far, is the world's longest-serving monarch.
If you wish to join the Queen's birthday celebrations in Pattaya, at 5pm on Sunday there will be a parade along Pattaya Beach Road down to Bali Hai Pier at the southern end of Walking Street, where at 6.30pm the city’s official birthday celebration will take place, including candle lighting ceremonies and a fireworks show.

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เนื้อหาเหมาะสำหรับระดับชั้น ม.1-ม.6

สาระที่ 2 ภาษาและวัฒนธรรม
มาตรฐาน ต 2.1             เข้าใจความสัมพันธ์ระหว่างภาษากับวัฒนธรรมของเจ้าของภาษาและนำไปใช้ได้อย่างเหมาะสม


ตัวชี้วัด 2          บรรยายเกี่ยวกับเทศกาล วันสำคัญชีวิตความเป็นอยู่  และประเพณีของเจ้าของภาษา

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother's Day is a special holiday to honor mothers and grandmothers. In the United States and Canada, it is on the second Sunday in May. Adult children usually take their mothers to a restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Younger children often cook breakfast for their mothers on Mother's Day. Mothers receive flowers, cards, and gifts on this special day. Remember to tell your mom that you love her on Mother's Day.

What are popular gifts for Mother's Day?

  • Cards, pins, and flowers are popular Mother's Day gifts.

What is the boy in this picture doing?

  • He is picking yellow flowers for his mother.
  • His mother will be happy to get the flowers.
  • What else can you do for Mother's Day?

    • You can make breakfast for your mom.

    • Eggs, sausage, grapefruit, kiwi, orange juice, and coffee taste delicious.

Exercise 1

A. Reading
Su is a single mother with two young children. Her son is seven years old, and her daughter is six. They live in a twobedroom apartment in San Francisco, California. Su is a cashier at a Korean restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is open on Mother’s Day, and Su has to work the morning shift from 6:30 to 2:30. Su’s children are going to stay with her sister while she is at work.
Su’s sister is going to help the children buy a pretty card and a flower for their mom. They are also going to make a special Mother’s Day dinner with beef, rice, and salad. After dinner, the children are going to clear the table and wash the dishes. Su and her family don’t have much money,but they have found an affordable way to celebrate Mother’s Day.
B. True or False
1. ________ After dinner, Su is going to wash the dishes.
2. ________ Su and her children live in an apartment in San Francisco, California.
3. ________ The restaurant Su works at closes at noon on Mother’s Day.
4. ________ Su is a single mother with two sons.
5. ________ The children are going to buy a card and a flower for their parents.
C. Yes or No – What about you?
1. ________ My mother lives with me.
2. ________ I have two children.
3. ________ I give my mother a gift on Mother’s Day.
4. ________ I go to a restaurant on Mother’s Day.
5. ________ I work on Sundays.
D. Writing – What can young children do for their moms on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day Celebration in Thailand


“Mum, To the world you might just be one person,

but to one person you might just be the world.“

12  August is very important day for Thai people,we call this day Mother’s Day or “Wan-Mae” because this is Thai Queen’s Birthday  and The festival of Mothers Day is based on the emotions shared between mother and a child.


Mothers Day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in over 46 countries across the globe. Though Mothers Day celebrations take place at different times around the world and Thailand Mother’s day is 12th August. what is remarkably same are the feelings with which people celebrate Mothers Day. This is so because mothers are as caring in East as they are in the West. The difference between mothers from one part of the world to the other simply does not exist and so are the feelings of children. All over the world people love to celebrate Mothers Day with their mothers and shower love on them

Time for Family Reunion

People staying away from the families make efforts to spend the day with mothers and grandmothers to make them feel special. This way Mothers Day has turned out to be family reunion day for many. While those who cannot visit their moms call their mother on phone and send greeting cards,gifts to express their gratitude and love for them.

 On 12 August, jasmine, symbolic of the selfless virtue of a mother who gives life to her children, is seen everywhere in Thailand.


Why does it have to be Jasmine?


  •  Jasmine is easy to find according to Thailand geography and weather.

  • The propitious feature of jasmine that give people the sense of purity and amenity.
  • The nature of jasmine, which is the long last smell and all year blossoming, represents the love of a mother to her child.
  • The property of healing and heart restoration of jasmine represents the mother's care on a child.
  • The meaning of jasmine is ''You are the only one I love the most'' or ''You are the magnificent one for me''.

Jasmine garland for Thai's mother

  • คำถามนำเข้าสู่บทเรียน

    1. Is Mother's Day in Thailand the same day with other countries?

    2. What is Thailand's flower symbolic of mother?


    Make a card for Mom then write a short English sentences to express feeling to mom.


    กลุ่มสาระฯสังคมศึกษาฯ  ศิลปศึกษา   การงานอาชีพฯe


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